The word Weippe was originally spelled “Oy-ipe” by General Oliver Otis Howard, in his journals during the campaign against the Nez Perce and negotiations with Chief Joseph in 1877. Other spellings included Oy-iap and Wyap-p. Harry Wheeler, Nez Perce historian, believed that Weippe means a “very old place,” “oy” means “all” in the Nez Perce language, but no meaning has been found for “iap”. The Nez Perce also say it may have something to do with a spring of water or camas ground. The meaning of the name is still greatly debated.

Soon after the Corps of Discovery’s expedition through the region, the fur trading industry came to Idaho. Then gold was discovered in 1860 by E.D. Pierce bringing a rush to the area in 1861. The Homestead Act brought many families to the region and Weippe grew and thrived.

Weippe was incorporated in December of 1964 and is located on the Gold Rush Historic Byway, Idaho Highway 11. The Weippe Prairie is one of eight registered national landmarks in the State of Idaho and is part of the National Lewis & Clark Historic Trail. It is a level meadow fringed by forest, and through it runs Jim Ford’s Creek, named after a pioneer wood dealer from Lewiston.

Come visit our Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center at the Weippe Discovery Center. Our newly constructed Deyo Reservoir and camground is awaiting with both primitive and water/sewer hookups. See Tourism link for more info.

Also visit our neighboring city-Pierce at pierce-weippechamber.com.


Weippe Discovery Center: The Weippe Discovery Center property is decorated with hand-painted historical murals, depicting scenes taken from the journal of Lewis & Clark, as they traveled through the region. Inside the Weippe Discovery Center, you will see Nez Perce artifacts, depicting their life in the region, replicas of tools used by the Lewis & Clark Expedition, as well as representations of Idaho’s wildlife. Visit the Discovery Center
Historic LoLo Trail– Travel this ancent Nez Perce trail as Lewis & Clark did over 200 years ago.
Hunting – Big Game Hunting at its best! Public access year-a-round.
Elk, WhiteTail, Cougar, Black Bear, Moose, Turkey, Wolf
North Fork of the Clearwater
Unlimited brook trout streams
Kelly Creek -Blue Ribbon Trout
Deer Creek Reservoir
Deyo Reservoir & Campground
ATV Trails
The Pierce-Weippe ATV club meets the first Tuesday of the month. Annual events include Weippe fun run third weekend in May at Weippe, the Jeff Huston Memorial Ride-third weekend in June-Pierce, and 1860 Fun Run first weekend in August-Pierce.
Snowmobile Trails
300 miles of groomed Trails
Skiing at nearby Bald Mountain

Deyo Reservoir Campground

In 1922, the Schmidt Brothers Mill constructed a sawmill and logging operation to take advantage of the wealth of timber in the area. This multi acre site incorporated homes for roughly 20 families, a mill office, a post office, cook shack, bunk house for single men, gas pump house, public well house and other small buildings, besides large lumber drying area. The mill ran continuously on this site for 50 years. For the past 40 years, it has remained as wetland and pasture land until the Mary Lou Deyo Family generously donated this land. The Deyo Dam was finished in 2011, creating the 55 acre reservoir, and the campground was finished in 2013.

Deyo Reservoir and Campground 
Family Friendly Fishing: Trout, Bluegill, Largemouth Bass
Wheel chair accessible docks. ADA Bathrooms.
West Camp Ground includes Water/Electric $18/night
East Camp Ground No Hookups $8.00/night

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Reservations not required but accepted

For more information call 208-435-4406 M-F 10 am – 5 pm

Online reservations for the 2020 camping season are over. The campground is still open till October 10, 2020, but is by first come first served. If you have any questions please call 208-435-4406. The Deyo camping season will be open again May 10, 2021.

Reservations for the 2021 camping season will start again April 1, 2021

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Frequently Asked Questions and Campground Policy


Wild Weippe Rodeo

The Wild Weippe Rodeo is held in Weippe Idaho on the third weekend in August every year. It’s open to local contestants and the best cowboys around!


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